Our Indiegogo Campaign

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The months of April, May and June were an absolute whirlwind. We were been deep in pre-production, setting up our locations, putting together our cast, and finalizing all specifics around the shoot (whew!). On top of everything else, we did an Indiegogo campaign. We are so thankful for all of the support we received from […]

Visual Inspiration for 20 Weeks

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We are super excited to be working on the details of bringing 20 Weeks together for a June shoot. There are many moving parts to making a film like this, and we are working on several things at once, but I’ve been working with the DP, Daud Sani, to define the look. Stylistically, I’d like […]

The Inspiration for 20 Weeks

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THE PROJECT I’ve been working on a new indie film project called 20 Weeks (writing, visuals, look book) for the last year or so, and am psyched that I have partnered with producer Jane Kosek to make it this summer (June 2016). I wrote it in the summer of 2015, with the intention of making […]

Look Book

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20 Weeks is a romantic drama, set behind the backdrop of modern day Los Angeles. The film will be shot in an intimate, romantic style, using a surrealist touch. Click here to view the look book.


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Welcome to our blog for the movie, 20 Weeks. Looking forward to sharing our journey with you, as we bring this project to life.