In the summer of 2014, at our 20-week scan, my husband and I were caught off guard when our doctor came into the room and told us that our baby’s mandible bone wasn’t measuring correctly. At 20 weeks, she was diagnosed with micrognathia or an undersized jaw. What followed were a series of sonograms, genetics tests, and a lot of stress.

My daughter was born with a treatable, but serious, health condition called Pierre Robin Sequence. In her first year of life, she underwent four surgeries, and many other tests. It was a harrowing time, but we made it through, and in utero testing actually prepared us for some of the challenges faced.

But going in for sonograms every two weeks, I was struck by how surreal it was to look at these images of sonograms—real life that doesn’t seem real. And while the doctors have so much information, ultimately, there is such a gray area here on where life begins and ends. And often, families are faced with very difficult choices.

I want to make this film to explore this gray area where humanity and science meet, and for a couple to talk very intimately and honestly about the things no one wants to talk about. I want to make a unique and intimate romantic drama that asks: what is the nature of love? How does a relationship last when it’s tested? Or does it?